Navagraha Puja & Navagraha Homam (Havan)

The navagraha (9 planets) pooja is a wholesome and marvelous pooja or Vedic ritual, which combines worships of all nine planets of the Vedic astrology. It is basically done at Home as a Pooja or as a Homam. The navagraha puja has the great and esoteric power to nullify or eliminate all flaws or doshas present in the birth horoscope, and thus enable the concerned person prosper in life, if his/her failures or adversities were caused mainly by astrological imperfections or doshas. Thus, the navagraha Pooja or Pooja of any specific planet creates favorable ambiance and gives the necessary courage and powers to the devotee to overcome and combat the problems offered by the life. Here, it may be noted that instead of the all-inclusive navagraha Pooja, Pooja of any specific planet may also be performed, if it is most ill-placed in the birth chart, and other planets are satisfactorily supportive.

Navagraha Pooja Benefits in Your Life

Sincere worship of any planet, especially which is ill-placed in one's birth horoscope, alleviates the bad effects of the planet on life's activities, along with strengthening the positive and favorable influences of that planet. In paragraphs below, provided are the navagraha pooja benefits in your life, to inform and help people of the world over

Worship of the Surya

Surya promotes strength and courage, dominance over enemies, success and renown, health and prosperity, and relief from chronic diseases.

Worship of the Chandra

Chandra is immensely beneficial for mental peace, charming personality, excellent control over emotions, wealth, fame, and success in life.


Worship of Kuja (Mangal)

Kuja offers magnificent health, wealth, power, and prosperity in life; and alleviates the chances of accidents, robberies, fatal attacks, and imprisonment.

Worship of Budha

Budha grants wisdom, commercial success and growth, wealth, relief from diseases related with nervous system and body functions.


Worship of Guru

Guru purifies negative and bad emotions, and gives virtuous strength and valor. Other things boosted by this puja are health and longevity, high education and philosophical skills, wealth and fortune, progeny related blessings, and religious tendencies.

Worship of Sukra

Sukra blesses good and strong love and relationships, longevity of life, wealth and affluence, advancement in education and art, eminence in media, lovely children, and well-rounded domestic happiness.


Worship of Sani

Sani promotes mental peace, health and happiness, and prosperity, and is very instrumental for reducing the intensity of hardship caused by adversities.


Worship of Rahu (Dragon's Head) offers longevity of life, enhancement of power, deep and discerning understanding of things, and high social reputation.


Worship of Ketu (Dragon's Tail) promotes health, wealth, luck, domestic happiness, and well-rounded prosperity of the devotee, and reduces the chances of loss of property and death caused by poisonous substances.